Apply for Permits

Special Event

A Special Event permit must be acquired with City Council approval prior to hosting an event on public or private property with 200 or more people present at any one time.

Please use this application form to provide the necessary details to the City Council for consideration.
*The application must be completed in its entirety before being presented to the Council.


Building Permit

Looking to build a new structure or make improvements to an existing building? Please attain the appropriate permits prior to beginning any site work. It is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure the proper permits are in place.

Effective 3/1/2020, building permits for the City of Alburnett will be processed through the Linn County Building Division. Please visit the websites below for further information or to apply for a permit: 

Linn County: Building Division

Linn County: Apply for a Permit


Fence Permit

A permit must be filed with the City for all new fences and repairs or modifications to existing fences. There is no cost to obtain a fence permit. Additionally, if you intend to place a fence less than 3 feet from your property line, you must gather have a fence agreement signed by all adjacent property owners prior to beginning fence construction. Please use the forms below for your fence permit and agreement:

Fence Permit Application

Fence Agreement