Government Officials & Committees

The City of Alburnett runs a council form of government with five city councilors and an elected mayor. Elections are held every two years in odd numbered years. In an election year, three city council vacancies are filled, or two city council vacancies and the mayoral position are filled. Each elected official serve for 4 years.

Council Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7 pm at City Hall, 120 N. Main Avenue.

All attendees shall abide by the City of Alburnett Code of Conduct for City Council Meetings.

Bethany Sarazin, Mayor
Term ends 12/31/2025
Dave Boesenberg, Council
Term ends 12/31/2027
Joe Trumm, Council
Term ends 12/31/2025
TJ West, Council
Term ends 12/31/2025
Chris Myers, Council
Term ends 12/31/2027
Grant Soukup, Council
Term ends 12/31/2027


Board of Adjustments:

Committee Member Appointed Term
Kristina Smith January 2020 – January 2025
Nate Soukup January 2022 – January 2027
Brian Mensen January 2022 – January 2027
Cam Ford January 2023 – January 2028
Todd Wagner January 2023 – January 2028


Planning and Zoning:

Committee Member Appointed Term
Jim Carver January 2020 – January 2025
Greg Larimer January 2022 – January 2027
Brad Coats January 2022 – January 2027
Brent Williams January 2023 – January 2028
Josh Henriksen January 2023 – January 2028