About Alburnett


Alburnett was founded in the late 1870s as a local trading community and rail stop. The community was named after Albert C. Burnett, a local businessman. The town was initially called simply Burnett, but due to confusion with the eastern Iowa community named Bennett and ensuing mail delivery problems, the town’s name was changed to Alburnett.

The City of Alburnett was incorporated in 1912. Its first mayor was C.E. Hense and the first councilmen were George C. Anderson, H.N. Rockwood, C.C. Naylor, A.C. Burnett and F.L. Glitchell.



Alburnett offers its citizens the comfort of country and community. City conveniences are located just minutes away in Cedar Rapids and Marion, but several services are available within the city of Alburnett including a restaurant, convenience store, bank, insurance agency and veterinary clinic. History remains alive in Alburnett with an active historical society.

Alburnett also boasts an excellent school system. Alburnett School District has elementary and secondary schools located in the community and is regularly recognized as a small school district with many quality academic and extra-curricular activities.